Crystal HarmonyHolistic home cleansing is focused on clearing stagnant or negative energy within a space by using crystal gridding, smudging and prayer.

As we become aware of the energy around us, we are able to intentionally create environments that are in harmony with nature and our inner being. This allows our inner and outer worlds to co-exist in a more joyous way by cultivating balance within ones space internally and externally

Having an energetically clear space allows for a good flow of energy to circulate, creating a vibrant atmosphere which allows you to intentionally enhance your space to bring forth that which you are in need of.

A holistic home cleansing can assist you with and do have profound effects upon:

  • Clearing stagnant and negative energy
  • Creating a peaceful and protective space
  • Attracting abundance and joy
  • Creating harmonious living
  • Creating a deeper connection to nature and one’s inner nature
  • Clearing energy attachments

This service is also available to business premisses.

Prices vairy depending on the size of property you can book your FREE 20 min consultation HERE

I have had the chance to receive healing sessions from Lydia. During the treatment I felt a real force that worked for liberation and healing. Even today I am still integrating my treatment. With Lydia I have always felt warmth, beauty, softness and above all purity. Lydia brings vibrations of love and peace into her interactions with great ease. Beyond body energy care and guidance. Lydia is gifted for cleansing the energies within the home and the art of placement, energetic decoration. When I changed my business from being a rental villa to healing retreat sanctuary, I her the mission to assist in the transformation of my space/business. Lydia was respectful of my vision and helped me to energetically design and materialise my vision. The work led to having a temple of love and peace .This place received hundreds of people who had the chance to be in a protected space and receive holistic care .I recommend Lydia without hesitation .You are in good hands, an honest authentic woman and healer, a being of light

– Nesrine, Paris