Are you feeling called to deepen your understanding and connection to yourself as soul and being of energy?  Would you like to open your channel, allowing yourself listen deeper to your inner voice? Would you like to develop your intuitive gifts?

Soul Channel is a 7 week online programme focused on nurturing the soul through intuitive development.

This body of work has been created to share teachings and practices that assist in fine tuning your ability to communicate with your inner intuitive guidance systems. This is a development programme for those who would like to be able to connect to higher aspects of consciousness so that you are able to receive wisdom, guidance and creative inspiration to accompany you on a day-to-day basis.

For the past 14 years I have been on a profound journey into connecting with my soul and Spirit. I have been able through dedicated self-study, mediative practices and connecting with the crystalline consciousness, to embody and trust my intuitive gifts. During this time, I have sat within a closed women’s circle where I have built a safe container to channel my higher consciousness and soul guides which has enriched my life immensely and those who have experienced these channellings. Spirit has shared with me many insights into esoteric mysteries and our collective conscious experiencing. I have personally received higher guidance from soul and Spirit guides that have led me to life changing experiencing which expands my inner light on so many levels. I have learnt to trust and to hold my faith within the Divine, knowing that we are supported in all moments, through all challenges by a greater force of light that lives within our very own being. And so I am here to assist you in holding that same trust and faith towards your own intuitive gifts and abilities which will allow you to experience yourself as an extension of the living light which will illuminate all areas of your life.

The development of gnosis (to know) is a life journey into the soul’s intelligence, remembering that your soul too is on a path of evolution and that there is no end goal. This is a journey of awakening into the mysteries of your inner worlds and so, the this programme acts as a catalyst for desired practice, to build the energy of moving through the subtle worlds to see, hear and sense clearly as to what your heart and soul is wanting to reveal to you.

This programme is for those who want to deepen their understanding of themselves as a being of light and strengthen their practice on being a channel and a vessel to the divinity that is within.

During this 7 week programme we will dive into the subjects of

  • Sacred Space
  • The subtle bodies
  • The chakras
  • Light Rays
  • Crystals and Consciousness
  • The Soul and Spirit guides
  • Universal hermetic principles

Each week will consist of esoteric reading material, channellings and recorded meditative practices. You will be guided week by week to build the space and energy to start to communicate and channel your higher aspects of self and reconnect to your soul essence which will enhance your ability to create harmonious living, bringing wellbeing to all areas of your life.

Why choose this Soul Channel Programme?

Whether you are at the beginning of your soul awakening journey or have been studying spiritual practices for some time, this programme is packed full of esoteric teachings and mediative practices that can deepen your connection to your soul, soul guides and Spirit

Here you will learn about

  • Sacred space, how to observe your exterior and interior living and how to intentionally create a sacred space to go within.
  • The seven subtle bodies, an interpretation for what they mean for you
  • The seven chakras, what they are and their influences
  • The seven rays of light, what they are and their influences
  • Crystals Consciousness, what crystals are, crystal wisdom, cleansing and attuning
  • Crystal Remedies, how to use crystals to explore consciousness and assist in the healing journey
  • Soul Guides, the essence of the soul, soul clusters and soul guides
  • Spirit Guides, the essences of Spirit and Spirit Guides
  • The seven hermetic principles, an interpretation of the seven universal principles

Through each week you will be building your connection to the subtle worlds so you are able to communicate clearly with your intuition and allow this loving, supportive inner voice and inner knowing to be your guide.

This online intuitive development programme is a self-study programme and can be done in the comfort of your own space and within your own time. Included within the program is a 40 min zoom video call with myself where you are able to share your experiences and ask any questions you may have.

Soul Channel online programme will launch this Autumn 2023 and I am so excited to support you in delving deep into your intuitive waters as you become receptive to the divine light that guides one upon the human journey.

Soul Channel Programme

Are you feeling called to deepen your understanding and connection to yourself as soul and being of energy? Soul Channel is a 7 week online programme focused on nurturing the soul through intuitive development.