Working with the clear vibrational energies of crystals, sacred geometry, sound and light, Crystal Harmony is a unique distant healing technique assisting you with cleanings and realigning your subtle bodies, creating harmony and wholeness of being within your inner and outer worlds. During a session the facilitator accesses the energy field by working with the numerological life path number and sacred geometry establishing the link between one’s energy felid, the soul and light. Here the facilitator is able to recognise where within the subtle bodies are in need of vibrational fine tuning. Through the support of crystal therapeutics which includes various crystal gems and the use of the Crystal Vogel Wand *Authentic Marcel Vogel cut Quartz. The crystals vibrations are able to leave an energetic imprint of specific metaphysical attributes within one’s energy field allowing for a rise in vibration, realising distorted patterns and replenishing the subtle bodies, bringing you peace of mind and peace in heart. During this session a light transmission is received by the facilitator, allowing for a soul revelation experience which will be written out on a PDF and sent via email after the healing session for integration. The use of sound is also used within a session for elemental assistance and energy clearing.

Each session is always indented to work for the highest good of all, honouring the soul in its perfect pattern and its ability to heal on all planes. physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually for the purpose of creating harmony, beauty and understanding upon one’s healing process.

These sessions are organised on a specific day and time that you are able to lay down in a quiet and relaxed space for 1 hour. Your date of birth will be needed for the session to work out your numerlogical life path number.

60 mins including a written personalised channelling €120

I came across Lydia via podcast and was instantly memorised by her mode of
communication, hearing her journey and pure light through the her service.

It's difficult to put the experiences into words, however Lydia’s knowledge, truth and passion for her time together leaves you deeply connecting and inspired to seek further. I felt very safe during our sessions and incredibley supported after them.

Lydia is a beautiful soul that deeply cares and her healing powers are profound as
well immensely nurturing for one’s own soul. I’m externally grateful that our paths
have crossed and for anyone that is reading this who also knows Lydia will resonate deeply with these words. So much love and thank you Lydia for helping me along my path. My soul sister. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

– Pete London