Spirit Transmission 18/12/20

Enter the Age of Aquarius
Art work by Patricia Ambagtsheer

How are you all feeling whilst in the midst of such immense change? Your change has come in the destined moment it is meant to be, from within. Destiny, destination and arrival is what you are experiencing in this exact moment. As you come closer to the 21st, the bridge where there will be a crossover and the choice, has been handed to you. Your freedom of choice has never been taken from you, it has however been processed through to your mind as an illusion. An illusion of where your choices have been force fed giving you the perception that you make choices yet really, these choices were made for you and then by frequency matched so you obey to this programmed choice and allow outcomes to unfold.

Your choices are not just from one end of the spectrum to the other, they are not just black and white, good and bad. Your choices are a selection of frequency band widths that you choose. So now you understand more about frequencies, as you have been experiencing your own frequency shifts, you understand that within your choice is creation itself. Welcome to divine co-creation. At your will, you shall manifest and when in the vibration and frequency of the divine, you shall submit yourself in alignment with your divine purpose and mission that is, to be a co-creator with your divine mother and divine father. You are now in a moment where change – well, change is you – from one day to the next, means you are observing the subtle shifts of your frequencies and so you are able to co-create through light.

Let’s talk now about creation. Creation unfolds inwardly and therefore outwardly. Creation that is in alignment with your divine nature is now your main focus and yes, in these moments, there are many distractions that want to call your name, call you from a frequency code that is trapped within a system that inevitably disconnects you from divine nature, your divine mother, your divine father. Yet you know better, you know that from within you create and as you are creating in masses in these moments, from your inner divine connection you are manifesting your new world right in front of your eyes. This is an incredible ride you are partaking in and through these shifts humanity is experiencing, we applaud you all for your courage and current manifestations of truth and freedom that is being screamed at the top of many voices, in these moments. And so you shall have truth, and so you will find your freedom, yet now this is all to be done inwardly. You have known this for a while and actually you were born knowing this. Yet you chose to partake in these current dynamic shifts where the celestial ones are returning to your Mother Earth and are seeding light from within you!

We have asked you before and we will ask you again. What are you breathing? And what is breathing you?

You are a main element as well as, you are the elements. You are elementals and you are existing within many elements. You are unfolding in a mysterious co-creation that currently is breaking the chains of a force that no longer serves in the divine order and so, the divine shall stand in its zero centre point, where balance and justice will be served and you divine ones, you hold your sword of truth at your third eye where you pray to your interior that you can see clearly, through discernment of the highest divine plan that is currently unfolding within your realms. You read and you see the signs and so you shall follow. You shall follow the shining star that is burning ever so bright from within the psyche of each consciousness existing in this moment.

Oh star of Bethlehem, you shall light the way on this day of the birth, of where light is seeded once again in the hearts of each living being upon and within the great mother: your mother, her mother, their mother, our mother. She is us: we are one, she is you, you are one. They are you, you are them, and we tell you again, that your mother is rejoicing for she has held the wisdom all along where within her womb, there is a place of creation where light is seeded in the shadows for expansion and for a truly mesmerizing experience. Where all that was once known is then forgotten and then reawakened through the windows of the soul. This is where the divine crystalline light lays silent completely awoken, smiling back as it is forever within the oneness of divine love, divine bliss, divine oneness, where separation is just an expression of an experience that is witnessed by many of the one that is the I AM. I AM ALL THAT I AM. Yet when the ‘I’ is let go, the ‘I’ becomes the BEing, in its wholeness, in its glory, where co-creation can be expressed in an ever expanding dimension of frequencies.  And so, here you are! In the centre of it all. In the centre of your BEing. In the centre of your world. Do you understand you are the centre point? As you understand this expression, you move towards complete alignment with higher dimensional frequencies. So as you shift through this incredible portal where two will make three, the choice is yours. What do you choose? And with whom do you choose to walk hand in hand with, through the doors of your heavenly and holy becoming?

You have reached a threshold of where there is no turning back and actually the concept of going backwards will take on a completely different meaning in the near future. There is a lot that is unfolding before you and we want to encourage you to keep your pace in the race at a level where you continue to be an expression of joy. You see joy, that shines from within a clear consciousness, can understand that this race is not to be won. It is to be enjoyed, be in the joy! Being in the experience, in the moment you come to the understanding that this race has no time limit. Time meaning the calculation of perceiving future possibilities. In your presence there is no attachment to an outcome, which equals no expectation so you are able to be within joy as you partake in this race. Why do we use the expression race? Because this is a team effort, where groups of you are gathering, knowing you are crossing pathways like never before. Be prepared in the coming six months to connect to people in the most miraculous ways as you co-create towards freedom, peace, harmony, equality and justice for the lands you live upon. As your mother stands strong in her ability to create life, you also stand strong in your ability to create from WILL, the freedom of CHOICE.

How are you choosing to feel? How are you choosing to see? How are choosing to hear? How are you choosing to sense? These are important factors to look into as you will be able to witness where your choices many of which, have been infiltrated by intentions of a mass destructive life force that is currently dismantling on your planet. We suggest that you look deep into these questions so that you are able to filter out programmes with the assistance of our loving light and only with your permission, so you are able to move forward with us into the dawning of the light, the dawning of your expanding sun.

Oh dear ones, you shall see and you shall hear straight from the divine itself. You shall not ask for proof anymore as you will BE the proof.

The Crystalline Light Ray Collective channeled by Lydia Laxmi

Spirit Transmission 24.10.20

Cyril Sneer created by Robert McKimson
Just before this transmission I received the image of this Character Cyril Snare. I was guided after the transmission to watch the following episode of Raccoons: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HbVMEa6J_1o
Enjoy decoding this one!

In these coming weeks you are going to be faced with humanity’s addiction to greed and ownership. By now you have understood that the frequency of greed and ownership causes destruction within your human existence. As you face these issues and frequency of greed and ownership you will see and experience a breakdown. Ultimately, the dense frequency breaks down the human energy field, allowing you to be easily controlled and maintained by the other, where you find yourself trapped in another’s greedy world order. As you witness the greed and ownership in others, you must also witness this frequency within. Not within your spirit but within your memories, your mind-body, within your experiences that have become a blue print to your current way of reacting in situations that put pressure on you to break free.

As you witness your experiences of when you have been in situations around greedy people and when you witness in moments where you have taken more than needed, you are able to come to a balanced point of perception where there is no judgement yet an understanding so that you can move into a higher frequency where greed and ownership does not trouble your mind. This is where greed and ownership lay heavy, their frequency lays heavy in the mind-body, where thoughts become addictive and habitual to constantly want more, then causing a fluctuation in lower emotions that make you feel unstable and out of control. The dense frequency of greed and ownership also effects the physical body where too much can never be too much and you are left with a longing for more, always hungering for another craving.

You cannot be in the frequency of ownership without having this quality of greed. When you come to the understanding that you do not own anything, including this concept of your sovereignty, you can experience real liberation. Your sovereignty is not to be owned, it is to be recognised. Once you have become entangled in the game of ownership, you naturally become in alignment with the vibration of greed. The game proceeds and in order to maintain your ownership, you need more, more and more and more. It is never enough because as you own more and you need more of, you rule more, so you need more to rule. We give you this information now so that you are able to move smoothly through the battle for dictatorship, the battle for who will have the final say. You understand that ownership is an illusion and that nothing can be owned. You understand that it is all done by contracts and these contracts are signed by you, thus giving permission. Within the Divine, there is no ownership, there is just pure creative potential for Light to express itself. The Divine holds no ownership, the Divine does not tell you, “hey, that flower is mine, its my beauty”. No, the Divine shares a gift, a reflection of the Light and this Light cannot be owned. It can be experienced and shared, yet it cannot be owned because it holds no concept of a contract. It is Divine creation in an organic flow with no condition, yet with the perfect conditions to grow with the Light.

As you break down your relationship to ownership, the vibration of greed does not enter your energy field and you will fall into the knowing that you are provided for in each moment because you BElong within the Divine and the Divine BElongs within you. When you fully integrate this understanding, you are able to move moment by moment in a flow with clarity as to what it is you need to nurture your Light to grow. The Divine will provide you with exactly the right medicine, in the right moment, so that you flourish, grow and keep on BEing in your Light.

You are coming up to moments that are extremely anticipated by the mass collective because you all know that there is a tipping point. You know that there is destruction right in front of your door step. There is no hiding, there may be masks but really the masks have been stripped off. The masks are a charade, a fancy dress that has now become a lasting holiday of lockdowns and restrictions, yet within these understandings you are able to realise that what you see has been disguised. Can you see behind the disguise? Can you see behind the role? This is where your focus needs to be. You know what it looks like on the outside, yet go inside. When you go inside you see the part that you are playing, you see the Light you are growing so allow this to be your main focus because these coming months will confuse many. There is no straight bottom line, there are lanes. There is no crossing over, it is side by side, so stay in your frequency, stay in your lane. There is no need for crossing over, there is no need for conqueror and divide, it has been done and now it will be dusted.

Right now, it is not the moment to dodge bullets, it is the moment to stand front line, in your lane, on your path, rooted in your foundation, rooted in your Light. Understand that you are here on a Divine mission to grow the Light upon and with your beloved Mother. Yes, your Mother, she hears you within each heartbeat, she hears you, she feels you, she feels your feet as you walk upon her, she feels your connection and she also feels your disconnection yet she always welcomes you home, she is now welcoming you all home. How long have you longed to be at home? We do not mean the home of ownership where you own your home, we talk about the home of your Mothership. Your great Mother that you stand upon, where you BElong and where her Light and your Light meet to grow and create such a reality that can be shared in many aspects and facets of an ever expanding Light and an ever expanding reminiscence of love. If you want to speak more to your Mother, you can. You can do it just by listening to your heart, she beats at the same rhythm and this is where her Divine essence meets your Divine essence. It is through her heart vibration that you are called to be incarnated here on her Crown. Your physical human existence manifested on her Crown. Do you understand that you were chosen to exist upon her, where you can connect and live from within her as you intake her life to allow your existence to continue upon this magnificent Being? She welcomed you from her heart and as you grow from this space, your heart forms a deeper union and brings forth the remembrance that you were all born from within a larger Light.

As you focus and relax your heart space, your heart centre, your multi-dimensional portal that can access the same heart beat as your Mother, you are able to root the Light codes that are now being transmitted from your Central Sun into the heart of your Mother. This is your work. Do you understand that your mission is to absorb the Light, to transmit this Light into your new earth? This is your mission, to anchor Light and allow this Light to reflect so that you are able to witness Light reflected back to you within all aspects of your existence and all aspects of your human living conditions. Can you imagine a world full of Light, where Light complements every aspect even when there may be Shadow? Your quality of Light is upgrading and so is the quality of the Shadow, as the Light will recreate and reshape life upon your earth.

Dear ones, do not be concerned about ownership. Delete that programme now.

The Crystalline Light Ray Collective channeled by Lydia Laxmi