With more than 13 years sourcing, selling and working with Earth’s crystalline treasures, I am delighted to offer you a bespoke crystal service that is focused on your deepest intentions for your living and working space. Specialising in sourcing beautiful raw, polished,
carved or decorative specimens, I can assist you in choosing the perfect crystal guardian that will resonate with your hearts intentions.

The Mineral Kingdom holds awe-inspiring beauty and energetic vibrational light frequencies.

Crystals are a gateway into expanding consciousness as well as healing tools for one’s self and space.

Living with crystal guardians promotes wellbeing, lightness and harmony. My wish is to assist you by finely tuning into your energetic and decorative needs to bring beauty, harmony and light into your life.

How bespoke crystal buying works

We will start with a free Crystal Consultancy. During this consultancy we will

  • Establish your hearts intention for your space and energetically match that intention with crystal remedies
  • Discuss your decorative needs such colour, texture and sizing
  • Discuss your personal budget for your crystal guardians this can be done in person or via zoom.

After we are clear on all the above, I will start my magic by sourcing you the perfect crystal/crystals that will bring wellbeing and harmony into your home and into your heart.

The crystal/crystals will be cleansed and attuned before placement in home and will include a caring for crystals guide for personal use.

This service is also available for those who are looking for personalised shopping service for special crystal specimens and for those looking for special crystal healing tools.

“After months of renovating my new apartment in Ibiza I knew the cherry on the cake would be some beautiful crystal pieces … and the only person to source these for me was Lydia.

Her intuition, care, wisdom and knowledge in finding just the right piece for me was second to none.

From finding the perfect crystal, to delivering and setting my intentions in my new space … the journey was magical and professional.

I’m so pleased with the stunning pieces she/we picked and they really  do elevate my home and vibe.

Thank you”

– Claire UK