My name is Lydia Majoli and I am a certified crystal healing facilitator, intuitive guide, holistic home design consultant, and the creator of ETAMANEL. I have been studying and working with energy and the subtle worlds for more than 13 years, building a strong connection to higher aspects of self including higher dimentional guides which have enriched my understanding of the cosmic dance that is life. Walking the path of mysticism, I hold knowledge of different esoteric teachings from around the world which has lead me into facilitating others upon their healing journey and the exploration of the soul through one to one sessions and online studies/practices. My passion for crystals started at the age of 7 and within my early 20’s my passion grew as I became immersed within my studies whilst working within one of the oldest esoteric shops in Central London. When moving to the magical island of Ibiza I birthed ETAMANEL.

ETAMANEL opened in Ibiza 2017 and quickly became a mystic hub for crystals, energetic decor, spiritual tools and spiritual teachings.  At the beginning of 2020 I had the calling to close the Santa Eulalia based shop/centre allowing me to move my work online and become mobile with my healing sessions.

I am passionate and devoted to my spiritual awakening and along my path I have had the pleasure to connect and work with Spirt and the Crystalline Kingdom.

It is a blessing to be a vessel for our creators great Light and to connect with bright souls like yourself.

Thank you for following your heart and arriving here and now,


2009-2011 Crystal Healing Diploma, The Vibrational Healing Foundation, London

2014-2015 Medicina Interior,  La Escuela Be Transpersonal, Soberanía del Ser, México City

2016-2017 Feng Shui Interior Design, The institute of Design, New York

2021-2023 The Kabalah Process of Awakening, Karin Kabalah Center, Atlanta

“ETAMANEL, a Mayan word for Wisdom holds the essence of  my offerings as I am dedicated to supporting your healing journey and facilitating the inner exploration of your divine soul.”