Hello, I’m Lydia 

“the beauty of crystals continuously inspire me and I trust in the power of Spirit”.
I recall my fascination with crystals from an early age. I remember my mother’s crystal and mineral book and feeling the magic. The glittering colours and mystical shapes on the front cover seemed alive to me and I was so excited when my mum and aunt took me to buy my first crystal in a beautiful nature reserve in Australia. Although I do not recall the exact crystal I chose, I knew immediately it was special and when I held it my hands my fascination was confirmed. From then on, I started to collect small tumbled stones until when reaching my twenties, I metamorphosed my journey into acknowledging and experiencing energy.
In 2009, I began studying for a 2 year crystal healing diploma with the London based Vibrational Healing Foundation. At the same time, I worked for one of the oldest crystal and esoteric shops in central London whilst deepening my connection with channelling and communicating with Spirit. After qualifying my diploma in 2011, I realized that the mineral kingdom would be a part of my journey forever. I cherished my dream to someday open a Crystal Centre where I could source and sell exquisite minerals/crystals and share a space where energies gather to connect through wisdom.
In 2013 I found myself traveling to Mexico where many surprises awaited me, one of these being connecting to amazing minerals and deepening my studies on the medicine person within completing a 1 year transpersonal consciousness intensive course leading to my initiation into my inner words. 2015 saw me arrive in Ibiza and my heart had found home. Inspired by Spirit, the beauty of nature and the creative arts I held my vision on creating a centred space where people gather to purchase specially selected crystals, spiritual tools, energetic décor.
In 2017 I completed my Feng Shui Interior Design studies with the New York Institution of Art and Design and opened the doors to ETAMANEL.
Based north of the island, ETAMANEL quickly became a spiritual hub where people got the opportunity to share their wisdom and healings through workshops, circles, ceremonies, courses and events as well as a sacred space to explore the mineral kingdom and purchase many different types of spiritual tools.
2020 has now taken me on my transition from closing one door to open another.
I am now delighted to share my work and passion for the healing arts here on this online portal for you to enable yourself to find the magic and wisdom that lies within your own being.

The Story behind the Creators: Lydia and Patti’s Journey

Our journey to Ibiza begun with Spirit.

Having been in communication with a divine source of light for many years, one cloudy evening in Lydia’s Brixton home in London, Patti decided to join a circle that would change the course of her entire life.

Being Patti’s first experience communicating with Spirit through Lydia, there was much to be said.

Listening carefully with an open heart, Patti received divine guidance surrounding her work and relationship challenges. In 2013 Spirit guided Patti to take 1 week away to visit the magical island of Ibiza by herself giving her specific messages about her trip.

Whist in Ibiza Patti got the confirmations she needed to allow her to make a leap into the unknown and into the magical opening Ibiza had to offer.

‘Now 5 years on our love and gratitude for Ibiza only grows stronger.
Ibiza is a magnetic island bringing souls together in such a mystical and magical way.’

Here we are both delving deeper into our healing journey, awakening to our soul’s purpose.

ETAMANEL is a hub where souls are gathering through their connection to Spirit and inner source of wisdom. We are grateful to this precious island and all the Deities that are co creating with us during these incredibly exciting moments on Earth.’

Hello, I’m Patti

“Painting is my happy place
“At the age of 52, it was time for me to make some big life changes.  I had visited Ibiza previously for a couple of short holidays and I felt drawn to return to Ibiza with the aim of starting a new life for myself and my family. 
I feel I am on a creative journey and being a bit of a magpie, I love to collect shiny ideas, concepts, mysteries and stories.
I love peace and I love nature.  I love to contemplate the simple earthy wonders that surround me in abundance, on this island. I guess it is only natural that I am drawn to minerals and crystals.  Over the years I have come to recognise that the mineral kingdom is not only wondrous to look at but also a form of consciousness with many secrets to share with us. ETAMANEL for me, is not simply a business.  It’s a way of being, showing us new ways of creating and sharing.  It has taught me to be comfortable with my own truth and to be open to explore new creative channels through arts.  
It’s about doing what makes me feel good and creating opportunities to provide through joy and beauty.   
ETAMANEL is about becoming full circle, an amazing place for transformational work. I am grateful for the opportunity to serve in this way, on our beautiful Ibiza.”
Artwork by Patti