Crystal Harmony Healing

‘Crystals are magnificent natural tools that our Mother Earth has provided to help facilitate us in reconnecting and realigning our mind, body and spirit to a more harmonious way of being.’

Come and experience a unique healing technique that combines the vibrational frequencies of crystals, sound, aroma, light and touch which allows an opening for you to access your divine nature and reconnection with your higher aspects of self.

Lalita Ibiza 

Boutique: At ETAMANEL´s front of house mystical boutique you can find a wonderful array of exquisite crystals, natural incense and botanical essences, spiritual tools and energetic décor. All of our precious treasures are carefully selected and are chosen with great care and love offering you high quality and unique spiritual products assisting you in creating your inner and outer worlds to be a place of wisdom and beauty. 

Guest House: Enjoy a home away from home where you are able to reconnect to nature and experience the divinity of Ibiza’s natural beauty. Our rooms are energetically designed to hold sacred space creating a peaceful and soothing ambience where you are able to enjoy a safe place for self-discovery.

Personalised Retreats: We are extremely happy to offer you personalized retreat programs for your stay catering to your specific needs. Working with health and holistic professionals we are able to create a deeply restorative experience treating the mind body and spirit as one.  

Retreats: Ibiza is the ideal location for sacred retreats and we are delighted to offer the Guest house, wellness facilities along with options to collaborate with Ibiza’s therapists, healers and intuitives for workshops, classes and one to one treatments catered for your retreat.

Healing Experiences