Crystal Harmony Healing

‘Crystals are those tools that our mother earth has provided to help facilitate us in reconnecting and realigning our mind, body and spirit to a more harmonious way of being.’

Come and experience a unique healing technique that combines the vibrational frequencies of crystals, sound, aroma, light and touch which allows an opening for you to access your divine nature.

Spiritual Concierge

Weddings Your wedding day is truly a moment that is held forever within your heart. We are happy to be of service to add to your special day by offering our services of holistic treatments for you and your guests, crystal design arrangements for the day, special sacred love altars for your ceremony and crystal gift’s for your guests.

Events Whether you are organising large events or are holding a small gathering in Ibiza we are able to offer you group treatments, healings and readings with Ibiza’s most professional therapists, healers, readers and intuitives to add even more magic to your events.

Retreats Ibiza is the ideal location for sacred retreats and we are delighted to offer our therapists, healers, readers and intuitives for workshops, classes and one to one treatments catered for your retreat. We also offer bookings for retreats that are taking outside of Ibiza.

Private Sittings If you would like a private one to one treatment, healing, class or reading in the comfort of your own space we are able to organise these wherever you are located the island.

Healing Experiences