Welcome to ETAMANEL, your online portal for healing, crystals, esoteric studies and spiritual tools.

With more than 13 years of experience sourcing and working with crystals alongside studying esoteric mysticism from different mystery schools worldwide, it is an honour to be working on a soul level with you and assisting you upon your awakening and healing path.

My name is Lydia and I am an advocate for love and deeply believe that within this incredible essence we are able to transform and reshape our lives so that we can live through our soul’s purpose.

We are natural healers and master manifesters and I am here to support you upon your journey of connecting to your inner light, healing abilities and inner wisdom.

My life and my work are guided by SPIRIT, by LIGHT and by LOVE and I welcome you to my offerings that are able to guide you towards mindfulness, harmony and wellbeing.

Become the vessel for the divine to work through you and illuminate your life!

Sessions & Services

Bespoke Crystal Buying

A bespoke crystal service that is focused on your deepest intentions for your living and working space. Specialising in sourcing beautiful raw, polished, carved or decorative specimens, connecting you to your perfect crystal guardian that will resonate with your hearts intentions.

Crystal Harmony Healing

A unique energetic modality using crystal therapeutics that facilitates the healing process by assisting you in the cleansing and realignment of one’s subtle bodies and energetic pathways for the purpose of creating a harmonious flow between the physical, emotional/intellectual, creative and spiritual planes

Distant Healing

A unique distant healing technique using crystal therapeutics, assisting you with cleanings and realigning your subtle bodies, creating harmony and wholeness of being within your inner and outer worlds.

Holistic Home

A Holistic home cleansing focused on clearing stagnant or negative energy within a space by using crystal gridding, smudging, prayer and celestial invocations. As well as Holistic Home Consultancy assisting in the art of placement using fengshui and crystal remedies for harmonious living.

Soul Exploration

Soul journey sessions that take place through seven consecutive weeks, where you will be guided through the subtle bodies whilst being assisted by meditative practices and soul journeying to release blockages and realign with the soul’s perfect pattern.
I always refer to Lydia as my “Crystal Healer – Dealer in Ibiza”. Her 1:1 sessions are so incredible that I now invite her to my Ibiza retreats so my guests can enjoy her magic too. She also sources fabulous crystals for my home and hosts “Crystalware” parties at my retreats. Highly recommend!

– Kelly Pietrangeli Ibiza

Lydia entered my life at a time that I was seeking healing, expansion and growth. Her confident but loving presence allowed me the space to expand beyond what I thought possible for myself. To say she transformed my life feels like an understatement! She shared her infinite wisdom with me, allowed me to heal and accept all parts of myself with her endless loving energy. Lydia has rare gifts that I will continue to praise for the rest of my life! She is the definition of a healer and the greatest mentor I could have asked for. Her knowledge is unmatched and her offerings are completely life changing.

– Molly NY

I came across Lydia via podcast and was instantly memorised by her mode of communication, hearing her journey and pure light through the her service. It’s difficult to put the experiences into words, however Lydia’s knowledge, truth and passion for her time together leaves you deeply connecting and inspired to seek further. I felt very safe during our sessions and incredibley supported after them. Lydia is a beautiful soul that deeply cares and her healing powers are profound as well immensely nurturing for one’s own soul. I’m externally grateful that our paths have crossed and for anyone that is reading this who also knows Lydia will resonate deeply with these words. So much love and thank you Lydia for helping me along my path. My soul sister. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

– Pete London

I have been so blessed to have had two crystal healing sessions with Lydia this year and cannot recommended her highly enough. 
Lydia is a beautiful soul, with such a calming energy and gentle spirit. I felt
completely held and nurtured through out each session and left feeling enlightened, enriched and in touch with my spirituality and the journey that is to come. 
I am still gaining daily from the healing sessions and feel so much gratitude for the insight, love and support that Lydia has provided. Lydia- Thank you, thank you, thank you

– Helen Kent

After months of renovating my new apartment in Ibiza I knew the cherry on the cake would be some beautiful crystal pieces … and the only person to source these for me was Lydia. 
Her intuition, care, wisdom and knowledge in finding just the right piece for me was second to none.  From finding the perfect crystal, to delivering and setting my intentions in my new space … the journey was magical and professional. 
I’m so pleased with the stunning pieces she/we picked and they really  do elevate my home and vibe. 
Thank you  x

– Claire Ibiza

Esoteric Studies

Are you feeling called to deepen your understanding and connection to yourself as soul and being of energy? Soul Channel is a 7 week online programme focused on nurturing the soul through intuitive development.

FREE Meditations and Podcast

Mini meditations for the busy mind

Your intention is a soul affirmation, bringing forth into manifestation that which is already attained from within, focusing on the present moment. These mini meditation affirmations are intended to support your soul journey as one personally and collectively rises in consciousness. Here you are able to incorporate simple and effective short meditative techniques to assist in realigning your mind to anchor your highest potential, your soul!

Centred Soul’s Podcast

A podcast series dedicated to sharing a personal journal of my connection with Spirit, The Divine, as well as sharing esoteric knowledge, wisdom and channellings. Check out Episode 1 now, Change.

“Your heart is the gateway into the soul.
Nurture it and experience the true essence of love.”