About Soul Journey Therapy 

Every human being has chosen a vast array of experiences, in which the soul seeks to know, master, experience and understand itself through its life’s purpose and goals.

In every incarnation the soul chooses many soul mates and soul connections, which are all part of a large soul group family, where each group member plays a role in helping the soul and each other to grow, learn, evolve and develop self-awareness in knowing the self, self-love, and compassion for humanity.

Which is why Mandy is particularly drawn to communicating with the soul in a reading, as the soul knows the self and the journey it has chosen to experience through the soul contracts and soul agreements.

The therapist will begin by tuning into your soul vibration and will connect with your spirit guides or spirit links, as they help to filter the information, which is given by the soul that is resonating in your journey of the here and now.

Past and current life lessons may come up in the reading as a form of healing that will help you to grow and understand your experiences and relationship to self and others. Giving you clarity and knowing in how to make different choices and decisions in life that bring you more joy, love, balance and harmony.

The therapist looks at all areas of your life from love, career, personal and spiritual development, family, relationships and your well-being.

About the therapist 

Mandy Thorne has been working for over twenty-five years in England and abroad as a natural highly attuned and gifted psychic and Multi-Dimensional Soul Vibrational Reader and healer, who is channelled by her Spirit Guide David and many other cosmic sentient beings resonating from different dimensions and realms. Mandy has always been psychic and through her work as a trance psychic and healer and the development of her own self-awareness, which over a period of time has helped her to develop strong intuition, compassion, empathy and heightened sensitivity when working with people. By using tarot and angel cards, she can delve deeper into any challenges, soul contracts, and opportunities that are coming.

All information that is given in the reading is for guidance purposes only. To book a session with Mandy please call +34 871 774 683 or email