About Somatic Coaching 

The Pantarei Approach is a unique method of ‘somatic coaching’ or healing that relates to the physical body. Deeper than you may imagine, this powerful and truly holistic work can transform your daily life experience, refining the awareness of your mental and emotional states and dissolving the limiting attitudes and beliefs that may be holding you back. The Pantarei Approach teaches you to overcome obstacles, to deal with chronic conditions, to let emotions be experienced throughout these processes and to gain new energy, lightness and clarity of purpose within yourself.

Perhaps you are recovering from injury, surgery, childbirth or addiction or maybe you just feel a bit burnt out, stiff or stuck in life. Whatever your situation, during this in-depth somatic learning and coaching process, we will reach a wide variety of your personal goals and work together in transforming any fear, pain or blockages that may have been standing in the way of your success, leaving you with a fresh outlook, a greater sense of physical freedom and clear, lasting results in every area of your life.

How it works 

Sessions include special techniques of somatic-based conversation; a system of deep touch and breath work and through a tailor-made, individual strategy you will be able to connect with your body, here and now, to discover a vast new space of creativity inside of yourself. Are you ready for real change?

Whether you are dealing with emotional pain such as loss, fear, anxiety and shock or have physical symptoms you wish to address, the Pantarei process works by activating the powerful capacity you have for self-healing, on all levels of your consciousness – physical, mental, spiritual and emotional. It releases the compressed traumas we all store in our bodies, thereby freeing held energy and projecting you into a lighter, brighter version of yourself. Thus a limiting impact of your past may dissolve.

Naturally your session will take place in a private, safe and loving space, where you can let go easily and allow the magic to happen, allow your body’s potential to unfold, allow yourself to tap into the innate flow of life and experience the true bliss of ‘coming home’.

After a session you will feel deeply relaxed with a renewed sense of hope.

An opening for possibility – or ‘break-through’ – may occur along with a new- found belief in your own infinite potential and tangible healing. Being re-born into joy you will feel physically and emotionally lighter and inspired by what comes with deep release.

This is often the beginning of a deep personal process of weekly sessions, achieving defined goals and thus a sustainable life change,

About the therapist 

Trained and certified in the Grinberg Method and the Pantarei Approach, Tatjana’s work helps to release trauma and tension in not only the body but also from deep within the soul. The empowering effects of her work can be seen in the lives of her clients today.

Many years of spiritual practice, focused on self-growth and various types of coaching, ayurvedic healing and energy work, coupled with Tatjana’s unique strength, skill and love, gives her the expertise to offer clients deep transformation, goal-oriented achievement and the potential for extraordinary growth.

With joy, focus and clear leadership she creates a unique, loving space where clients feel comfortable and change can happen naturally.

To book a session with Tatjana please call +34 871 774 683 or email