About Reiki 

Reiki is a Japanese spiritual healing technique developed by Dr Usui in 1922.  As Dr Usui was channelling this amazing energy he was given healing symbols to charge the energy he was working with. Reiki is based on the laying on hands which is channelled from the practitioner to the receiver. When having Reiki some practitioners touch the body and some practitioners prefer to work more on the outer layers of the body without touch. Reiki works throughout all the layers of your energy field.

(REI) means universal life force, (KI) means energy. It is an intelligent life force that flows through all living things. It’s gentle vibration works in alignment to where your soul chooses in the body where you most need healing and rebalancing in that moment, in heart, mind, body and soul.
An experienced practitioner will be able to intuitively pick up areas of the body that are in distress and blocked. Reiki gives you a helping hand to raise your own healing frequency when you are at a low ebb.

We have a range of Reiki practitioners that all work in a respectful and professional manner. To book a session with one of our practitioners please call +34 871 774 683 or email