About Psychic Tarot Readings  

People have been captivated and intrigued in Psychic Tarot readings since the mid-15th century.  Tarot cards are used as a tool and a point of reference, to see events and situations that are currently unfolding in a person’s life. They have the magical ability to tap into ones subconscious and combined with the psychic and intuitive abilities of an amazing reader makes a reading very unique and insightful experience.

How it works

A reader will tune into the energy field of their client and they will read and receive information about them. Using their skills of intuition, sensing, feeling and hearing. They are able to connect to spirit to help to filter information that is relevant to them and their present journey.

The Tarot cards are a tool to look into events and situations that are currently unfolding in someone’s life. Readings are great if you have specific questions in mind and are seeking guidance in areas of love, career, spirituality, creativity, self-love and relationships or for a general reading that covers areas that are relevant to the now and looking ahead at opportunities that the client is of yet to experience.


We offer one to one readings, Skype readings, group and party bookings. To book a reading with one of our intuitive’s please call +34 871 774 683 or email