ETAMANEL is very excited to announce our 2018 new and full moon gatherings.

Moon Maidens is a collaboration between ETAMANEL and 12 beautiful, magical, mystical and empowering goddesses of Ibiza.

Every fortnight we will be exploring the moon phases together. Each moon circle will be held by a different healer/teacher/medicine woman who will guide you through a beautiful ceremony, ritual and blessing for the incoming energies that the moon transmits as it goes through its phases and the zodiac signs.

The circle will be held by women but men are welcome to join the circle.


New Moon Taurus: 15/05
Full Moon Sagittarius: 29/05
New Moon Gemini: 13/06
Full Moon Capricorn: 28/06
New Moon Cancer: 13/07
Full Moon Aquarius: 27/07
New Moon Leo: 11/08
Full Moon Pisces: 26/08
New Moon Virgo: 09/09
Full Moon Aries: 25/09
New Moon Libra: 09/10
Full Moon Taurus: 24/10
New Moon Scorpio: 07/11
Full Moon Gemini: 23/11
New Moon Sagittarius: 07/12
Full Moon Cancer: 22/12

TIME: 19:00 -21:00
PRICE: €20 Including snacks and beverages  
LOCATION: ETAMANEL, 15 Calle Maria Villangómez, Santa Eulalia 

Limited spaces are available so booking is essential.

You can book your space via email, call 817 774 683 or PM us here.

‘The moon puts on an elegant show, different every time in shape, colour and nuance.’ –Arthur Smith