Our Heart Sanctuary offers relaxing and restorative therapies with qualified and experienced therapists. Below you can see our list of treatments.


Leah Kamath 

Certified massage and holistic aromatherapist, Leah’s warm, nurturing and sunny disposition will ease you into both massage experiences through a unique blend of essential oils and healing touch. Aromatherapy has many benefits such as relieving aches and pains, aids stress release, encourages elimination of toxins, improves circulation, relaxes the mind and body, boosts the immune system, aims to re-balance and revitalise. It can also improve conditions such as: Emotional exhaustion – Fatigue- Hormonal Imbalance – Digestive Issues – Low Energy Levels – Migraines – PMT – Insomnia


Holistic Aromatherapy
Relaxation Massage
Anatomy and Physiology 

AromaTouch Massage-Sequence  deep relaxation and well-being

Price: €55 Duration 60 mins

Therapeutic Aromatherapy Full Body Massage – A deeply nurturing, intuitive and relaxing experience.

Price: €85 Duration 90 mins


Elise Brand

Certified Massage therapist, energy worker and Reiki master, Elise uses massage to enable clients to return to being completely present in the moment. She regain’s her clients to their natural state of relaxation so they can become more aware of their physical consciousness. She use a combination of western, holistic and Chinese pressure point massage techniques and combine this with a strong intuitive approach. Her belief is that by using touch and treating the spirit and body as one, you can experience a greater connection to your inner self. 

Relaxing Massage
Classic Swedish Massage
Pressure Point Massage
Pregnancy Massage
Psychology in Practice (coaching)
Nutrition Teaching, Academy for Chinese Medicine Qingbai
Price: €75 Duration 60 mins


Jo Tison 

Founder of Little Banyan Yoga & Dancing Yoginis, Retreat & Workshop Host, Yoga (Vinyasa, Pregnancy, Postnatal & Hatha) & Meditation Teacher Reiki Master, Thai Yoga Massage & Chi Nei Tsang Therapist.

Jo is passionate about her calling from the heart to share healing practices. She knows the great benefits and how holistically we can heal the body, mind and spirit. Jo loves working with energy and sees a great importance in recognising that everything is a vibration of energy and by aiding the flow of energy through our Chakras and bodies we can notice a number of improvements

at various levels. She works on the basis that everybody is different, due to individual past experience, wearing emotions in our bodies and having dominating Chakras and varied lifestyles we experience a different world to each other through our minds and bodies.

Thai Yoga Massage is a mixture of Energy Healing, Yoga, Acupressure, Meditation, Ayurveda and Chiropractic and has been nicknamed “Lazy Yoga” due to some stretches that are used and the spiritual benefits, healing at a deep level. It works by releasing energy blockages and physically stretching the body restoring health. These Massages are floor based on a futon or mat with the client fully clothed in comfortable, lose fitting clothes. I work with my own body and body weight in a rhythmic, meditative state throughout the treatment, I work intuitively, so find slower movements allow me to go deeper without a shock response from the body, working energy lines and using fingers, thumps, palms, elbows, feet and knees to offer a deep healing, relaxing massage to balance and restore health.
What can Thai Yoga Massage help? Back, Neck and Joint Pain,Relaxation, Headaches, Stress, Anxiety, Tension, Energy, Nervous system, Sleep, Circulation, Digestion, Inner calm, Flexibility.

Yoga (Vinyasa, Pregnancy, Postnatal & Hatha) 
Meditation Teacher
Reiki Master
Thai Yoga Massage & Chi Nei Tsang Therapist.
Prices:  €85 Duration 60 mins, €105 Duration 90 mins