Our Heart  Sanctuary offers a wonderful array of one -to -one healing therapies and holistic treatment by qualified and professional therapists and practitioners. Below you will find all the information on the healing therapies, practitioners and prices. 


Lydia Laxmi 

Certified crystal and spiritual healing therapist, Lydia has over 8 years experience working with crystals, the subtle bodies, energy and healing. Crystal harmony therapy is a healing technique that uses the power of crystals, elemental invocations, aromas and universal energy on the subtle bodies to help restore wholeness and well being the client. Lydia is able to perceive and connect with her clients energy field, guides and helpers and her knowledge of crystals and their high frequency vibrations helps bring about a profound healing for the mind, body and spirit. She is an experienced therapist that works in a gentle and respectful manner for the highest good of all her clients. Crystal harmony therapy can have profound effects upon: relaxation, insomnia, depression mediation, letting go of blockages, embracing new ways of being.  A healer is just a facilitator in someones journey the rest of the work will be up to each individual as they choose to move forward towards a more connected and conscious way of being.


Crystal Healing
Spiritual Healing
Reiki level 1 and 2
Feng Shui Interior Design and Space Transformation 
Price: €60 Duration 1 hour


Jade Marsh 
Jade Marsh is a crystal energy expert who works with busy people to maintain their energy so they can work at optimum efficiency without burnout.  She specialises in grounding energy so that it is not wasted in overthinking or confusion, but brought into balance. This brings clarity and ensures that you are better able to make decisions and know the exact direction you should be moving in.

Jade spent over ten years working in the City of London and used crystals to cope with the exhaustion and anxiety.  She saw others burn out and become sick from the pace and realised how crystals helped her stay calm and in control. Jade became a full-time Crystal Practitioner five years ago when she moved to Ibiza and now works with clients personally and in their homes and work spaces to create harmony and balance in themselves and their environments.


Crystal Healing
Spiritual Healing
Price: €70 Duration 1 hour


Aura Ananda 

Professional singer and song writer, sound, music and singing has always been guiding Aura from the beginning of her journey. Her practice of Naad Yoga, Naad means “the essence of all sound ” and free singing she is able to take each individual on a journey back home. During a one to one session of Naad Yoga you will be guided to listen to your own voice, to create a deep connection with your inner space and create harmonies on many levels through free singing. Combining Naad Yoga and the free voice you can create an incredible tool to find your inner peace and power of Joy. Aura will guide you through to experience and express the warrior, child, alchemist or healer who is within allowing you to be reborn into your true authentic self.

‘I am in service to the divine. Through the voice and sound I share a healing, an awakening where you can discover parts of the self which bring freedom, love and inner connection harmonizing with your outer reflection.’


One to one

€70 Duration 60 mins
€100 Duration 90 mins
Group Sessions 
Time: 12-13 – Friday Mornings 
€20 Drop in
€65 for pack group of 4 sessions 


Jody Kay 

Qualified sound therapist, Jody is a passionate and gifted sound healer who becomes embodied in the vibration of sound when tuned in during her sessions.As one of the oldest and most natural healing systems ever known, sound has the ability to positively affect our entire being. It has been used by many cultures for thousands of years as a tool for healing and to enhance meditation. Sound Therapy combines ancient knowledge with modern science. It is a complete, holistic experience which embraces mind, body and spirit, and is a powerful way to move us into a state of balance, to restore harmony in our lives, and instill an overall sense of well-being. The use of Sound Therapy has been seen to have positive results for many issues including: anxiety and depression, stress, post traumatic stress Disorder, insomnia and pain management.


Sound Therapy Training
Mantra Therapy
Holistic Voice Therapy
Gong Practitioner 
Price: €75 Duration 60 mins



Mandy Thorne 

Gifted and natural highly attuned psychic and Multi-Dimensional Soul Vibrational Reader and healer, Mandy has been working for over twenty-five years in transformational healing. In every incarnation the soul chooses many soul mates and soul connections, which are all part of a large soul group family, where each group member plays a role in helping the soul and each other to grow, learn, evolve and develop self-awareness, self-love, and compassion for humanity. Mandy is particularly drawn to communicating with the soul in her therapy, as the soul knows the self and the journey it has chosen to experience through soul contracts and soul agreements. Mandy begins by tuning into your soul vibration and will connect with your spirit guides or spirit links, as they help to filter the information, which is given by the soul that is resonating in your journey of the here and now. Past and current life lessons may come up in the reading as a form of healing that will help you to grow and understand your experiences and relationship to self and others. Giving you clarity and knowing in how to make different choices and decisions in life that bring you more joy, love, balance and harmony.


€95 Duration 60 mins
€120 Duration 90 mins
€380 Pack of 5 sessions 5 hours ( to be used within a 2 month period)