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We are always being reminded that “home is where the heart is” and so it should be.  Our homes and spaces are very important to our well being and peace of mind and these spaces that we create and choose to live in, ultimately affect us on all levels.  From these spaces we share our food, make love, tell stories, play, create, address challenges, make choices for change, celebrate and share intimate moments with loved ones.  So really, the design of our space and what intentions we put into it benefit from being done consciously and with great love. Keeping a clean home is important not only physically but also energetically.  You may be feeling uncomfortable in your home due to unwanted stagnant energies or you maybe just be inspired to make a change.

During the clearing process the intention is always to uplift spaces allowing high frequency energy to flow through the home leaving the space clear, light and abundant.

Lydia Laxmi finished her Feng Shui Interior Design training with New York Institute of Art and Design in 2017. Having worked with energy as a crystal therapist for many years she has now added to her field as an intuitive healer by combining her knowledge of the subtle bodies and space awareness. Her love for nature, energy, the elements and beauty allows her to connect with her clients helping them to create a harmonious flow between their inner and outer spaces by filling the home with intention, love and nature.

‘We must learn how to connect to the natural world. We must incorporate the elements, colour, symbols, crystals, plants and sacred objects into our homes and living spaces understanding that we are all existing in this together. The Bagua is a great guide in helping us map out our objects and witness the dance between yin and yang and when in balance it realigns all of the different ares of our lives. It is all about our intention. What do you intend to create?’

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