About Feng Shui 

Feng Shui is the study of Chi and the art of placement. Feng Shui meaning wind and water in Chinese, Is an ancient method used to create a harmonious atmosphere by assessing peoples living and working spaces to see how the energy they are creating for themselves is affecting all parts of their lives. Feng Shui gives us a chance to make changes within our homes, work and personal lives by using objects and consciously placing them in a way that can create a wonderful space to experience.  Chi is the Chinese word for energy or life force, this energy exists in all! It is the interconnection of life. Energy is always changing and flowing and the energy in our environments has a great effect on us. When we become aware of energy around us we are able to create environments that are in harmony with our surroundings and inner being. This allows our inner and outer worlds to co exist in a more joyous way by cultivating balance. Feng Shui is a conscious art of feeling chi, colour, objects, textures and spaces which is truly transformational on so many levels.

It is the practice of awareness. Awareness of our surroundings, awareness of our inner being and our awareness of how it is all connected.

How does it work

A Feng Shui consultancy will start off by looking into the clients desires for their space and life by looking at any areas of their lives that they want to change, enhance or clear. The consultant will then have a home visit to see the floor plan of the home or work space so they can start to get a feel and a visual of the over all layout. The consultant will then go away and work on the plan to adjust and add anything that may help their client bring in more of a harmonious energy into their space. A space clearing can also be done and this consists of using natural gums, herbs and resins, sound and intention to clear out any old energy that is not serving the client anymore leaving them with a clean, sacred and balanced home.

About the consultant

Lydia Majoli finished her Feng Shui Interior Design training with New York Institute of Art and Design in late 2017. Having worked with energy as a crystal therapist for many years she has now added to her field as an intuitive healer by combining her knowledge of the subtle bodies and space awareness. Her love for nature, energy, the elements and beauty allows her to connect with her clients helping them to create a harmonious flow between their inner and outer spaces by filling the home with intention, love and nature.

‘We must learn how to connect to the natural world. We must incorporate the elements, colour, symbols, crystals, plants and sacred objects into our homes and living spaces understanding that we are all existing in this together. The Bagua is a great guide in helping us map out our objects and the dance between yin and yang is a wonderful thing when in balance. It is all about our intention. What do you intend to create?’

To book a consultancy with Lydia please call +34 871 774 683 or email