About Us

 ETAMANEL is a wonderful centre that we have created in Santa Eulalia, Ibiza.

We offer a space where you can explore the magical world of the mineral kingdom and energy.

Collaborating with amazing teachers, creatives, healers, readers and therapists we are able to offer you a verity of one to one and group sessions and classes in our healing room. Being the home of 100 Healers 100 Days, Moon Maidens, The Story Project and Ibiza Rock Club, ETAMANEL is a beautiful heart based centre where we focus and dedicate the space to creating and sharing transformational events 

Specialising in energetic décor for sale, our centre has a beautiful array of exquisite crystals, decorative minerals, art, décor and magical tools which may facilitate one on their journey of creating their inner and outer worlds to be a place of beauty, magic and wisdom. Our intention is to facilitate in people opening a space within their own hearts to allow them to experience the sacred world of crystals and energy through design, art and nature.

Our carefully selected treasures are creations from different artists, designers and mineral collectors from Australia, Denmark, Hawaii, Mexico, Russia, Switzerland, UK,  USA and of course, Ibiza  

We are here to add a bit more sparkle to what already is one of the most magical islands in the world, our beloved Ibiza. From the heart we nurture the home, harmonise spaces, love nature and respect energy.

About Lydia

“I recall my fascination with crystals from an early age. I remember my mother reading a book on stones and minerals and it just seemed so magical. The glittering colours and mystical shapes on the front cover seemed alive to me and I was so excited when my mum and aunt took me to buy my first crystal. Although I do not recall the exact crystal I chose, I knew immediately it was special and when I held it my hands my fascination was confirmed. From then on, I started to collect small tumbled stones until when reaching my twenties I started to work for one of the oldest crystal and esoteric shops in central London. After qualifying my Crystal healing diploma in 2011, I realized that the mineral kingdom would be a part of my journey forever. I cherished my dream that one day I would have my own wonderful open healing space where I could source and sell exquisite minerals and crystals. In 2013, I found myself traveling to Mexico where many surprises awaited me, one of these being the discovery of the outlet that could help me materialize my dream. 2015 saw me arrive in Ibiza and my heart had found home. Inspired by the beauty of nature and the creative arts I hold my vision on creating a space where people can buy and experience living with energetic decor. I have now completed my studies with the New York Institute of Art and Design of Feng Shui interior design and space transformation. Combining my knowledge from healing with crystals on mental, physical, emotional and spiritual levels and complementing Feng Shui energy systems within homes and spaces, I am truly excited to birth this beautiful entity called Etamanel.”

About Patti

“At the age of 52, I decided to leave behind of the corporate workforce.  Career, relationships and health were all sounding for changes and for a long time, I was listening but fear of change was the usual order of the day.  Living in the UK for over 30 years, there unfolded an assortment of amazing and challenging life lessons.   Then through some heartfelt choices, it would seem that I almost magically arrived on this beautiful Balearic island.  After a period of reflections and restorations, I was ready to start a different story.  I feel I am on a creative journey and being a bit of a magpie, I love to collect shiny ideas, concepts, mysteries and stories.   I love peace and I love nature.  I love to contemplate the simple earthy wonders that surround me, both on the island and other places around the world

that I have visited.  I have always felt drawn to minerals and crystals and over the years I have come to recognise that the mineral kingdom is not only wondrous to look at but also a form of consciousness with many secrets. ETAMANEL for me, is not simply a business.  It’s a way of being.  It’s being comfortable with your own truth. It’s about doing what makes you feel good and creating opportunities to provide joy.  I grew up within a part of society that teaches the doctrine of “hard“ work.  I now see life is about relearning many ways of being, including play as creation.  ETAMANEL is about becoming full circle. I am grateful for this opportunity.”