100 Healers 100 Days


To celebrate Etamanel’s metamorphosis from shop to centre, we shall be inviting 100 healers to Etamanel, to share their work and vision for 100 consecutive days.

Starting the 10th of January and running up until the 19th of April 2018 we will be taking a healing journey together with different channels, teachers, practitioners and creatives in Ibiza.

These healers will be sharing their wisdom, knowledge, techniques, visions, tools and creative creations for 1 hour each evening 7-8pm.

Our 20 EUR season pass bracelets are for sale now at ETAMANEL, Santa Eulalia and Samahra, San Josep and they will entitle you to come to as many evenings as you wish.

Wednesday the 10th of January we will be opening the event with a beautiful celebration so please join us starting from 7pm!

We are very excited to open our space and hearts with you all to come together to listen, share, heal and transform.

You can see the schedule for January here below:

10/01 Opening celebration
11/01 Mandy Thorne, Soul Journey
12/01 Chencho Chenzu, Divine Yoga
13/01 Steeve Nyatepe Coo Paradis, Rise Up Ibiza. World Peace
14/01 Val McCall, Intuitive Communication with animals
15/01 Enrique Cuenca Delgado, Make your energy flow
16/01 Mary Lynne Stadler, Tarot Inspired Creativity
17/0 1 Jody Kay, Sound Bath
18/01 Diana Odette Beaulieu, Sacred Women Awakening
19/01 Julieta Preguerman, Sacred Numerology
20/01 Mariella Briceño arte.a.mares, Art with Children
21/01 Alexander Mendeluk, Quantum Healing Hypnosis Therapy
22/01 Sofia, Vinyasa Flow
23/01 The Story Project’s new event ‘Money’
24/01 Gini Scott, Reflexology-Sole to Soul
25/01 Justus Paiwonsky, Using Human Design in a therapeutic setting
26/01 David Poole, Cannabis- Debunking the myths
27/01 Deborha McNeil,Spirit Art
28/01 Michelle Anderst, Nature’s Microcosms Through Art
29/01 Gemma Jayne Espejo Degraph, Electro Reiki Ibiza
30/01 Aura Ananda, Naad Yoga free singing
31/01 Madhalsa Mandalas, Mandalas-Weaver of Dreams

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