About Us

Welcome to ETAMANEL. Our Crystal Centre located in Santa Eulalia, Ibiza offers you the experience to explore the enchanted world of the mineral kingdom and energy.

Specialising in exquisite crystals, spiritual tools and energetic décor, ETAMANEL is the perfect place to find all of your mind, body and spiritual needs, which may facilitate you on your journey of creating your inner and outer worlds to be a place of beauty, magic and wisdom. Our carefully selected treasures are creations from different artists, designers and mineral collectors from Australia, Denmark, Hawaii, Mexico, Russia, Switzerland, UK,  USA and of course, Ibiza.

We offer a verity of one to one appointments, group sessions, workshops, circles and classes with our team of gifted and professional healers, teachers, readers and therapists. We are a heart based centre where we focus and dedicate the space to creating and sharing healing events all year round.

Our intention is to facilitate you on your healing journey providing a safe, nurturing and open space that supports personal transformational healing to take place.

We are here to add a bit more sparkle to what already is one of the most magical islands in the world, our beloved Ibiza. From the heart we nurture the home, harmonise spaces, love nature and respect energy.

About Lydia

“I recall my fascination with crystals from an early age. I remember my mother reading a book on stones and minerals and it just seemed so magical. The glittering colours and mystical shapes on the front cover seemed alive to me and I was so excited when my mum and aunt took me to buy my first crystal. Although I do not recall the exact crystal I chose, I knew immediately it was special and when I held it my hands my fascination was confirmed. From then on, I started to collect small tumbled stones until when reaching my twenties I started to work for one of the oldest crystal and esoteric shops in central London. After qualifying my Crystal healing diploma in 2011, I realized that the mineral kingdom would be a part of my journey forever. I cherished my dream that one day I would have my own wonderful open healing space where I could source and sell exquisite minerals and crystals. In 2013, I found myself traveling to Mexico where many surprises awaited me, one of these being the discovery of the outlet that could help me materialize my dream. 2015 saw me arrive in Ibiza and my heart had found home. Inspired by the beauty of nature and the creative arts I hold my vision on creating a space where people can buy and experience living with energetic decor. I have now completed my studies with the New York Institute of Art and Design of Feng Shui interior design and space transformation. Combining my knowledge from healing with crystals on mental, physical, emotional and spiritual levels and complementing Feng Shui energy systems within homes and spaces, I am truly excited to birth this beautiful entity called Etamanel.”

About Patti

“At the age of 52, I decided to leave behind of the corporate workforce.  Career, relationships and health were all sounding for changes and for a long time, I was listening but fear of change was the usual order of the day.  Living in the UK for over 30 years, there unfolded an assortment of amazing and challenging life lessons.   Then through some heartfelt choices, it would seem that I almost magically arrived on this beautiful Balearic island.  After a period of reflections and restorations, I was ready to start a different story.  I feel I am on a creative journey and being a bit of a magpie, I love to collect shiny ideas, concepts, mysteries and stories.   I love peace and I love nature.  I love to contemplate the simple earthy wonders that surround me, both on the island and other places around the world

that I have visited.  I have always felt drawn to minerals and crystals and over the years I have come to recognise that the mineral kingdom is not only wondrous to look at but also a form of consciousness with many secrets. ETAMANEL for me, is not simply a business.  It’s a way of being.  It’s being comfortable with your own truth. It’s about doing what makes you feel good and creating opportunities to provide joy.  I grew up within a part of society that teaches the doctrine of “hard“ work.  I now see life is about relearning many ways of being, including play as creation.  ETAMANEL is about becoming full circle. I am grateful for this opportunity.”


Events, Therapies and Sessions

100 Healers 100 Days

What is a 100 HEALERS 100 DAYS?

To celebrate Etamanel’s metamorphosis from shop to centre, we shall be inviting 100 healers to ETAMANEL, to share their work and vision for 100 consecutive days.

We will be taking a healing journey together with different channels, teachers, practitioners and creatives in Ibiza. These healers will be sharing their wisdom, knowledge, techniques, visions, tools and creative creations for 1 hour each evening. We are very excited to open our space and hearts with you all to come together to listen, share, heal and transform. 

When and where is 
a 100 HEALERS 100 DAYS?

10th of January – 19th of April 2018


How much does it cost?

season pass bracelets will entitle you to come to as many evenings as you wish!
They are for sale now at ETAMANEL for €20.

Artwork by visionary artist Brad Holland


1/04/18 Jade Blossom – Believe You Can and You Are Half Way There
2/04/18 Giulia Campinoti – IDOL Therapy
3/04/18 Emmanuelle Passes – Spoil Your Body, Stretch Your Mind & Feed Your Soul
4/04/18 Ankhana Sofia – Love and Light Healing Centre
5/04/18 Carli Susu – Witchcraft Without the Woo Woo
6/04/18 David Loli – Not Your Regular Healer
7/04/18 Anna King – Nutritional Approaches to Support A Healthy Stress Response
8/04/18 Seed Nutrition Wellness
9/04/18 Jans Olde Wolbers DC – The Power of Your Posture: Exploring the science of how your posture directly affects every function in your body (even how long you live!) and what you can do about it
10/04/18 Scarlet Stolker -The Healing Journey
11/04/18 Coco Bliss – Wellbeing and Fertility
12/04/18 Aurore Sunrise – SunDance – Dancing Freedom – introduction to medicine dance and Ceremonial grade Cacao
13/04/18 Kiwi Pfingsten – All That Is Beautiful About You – From Self-Doubt to Self-Expansion
14/04/18 Desiree Duclos – Float Your Boat Therapy
15/04/18 Nico – Inner Conversations
16/04/18 Sofia Gomez – Looking Through the Photographers Eye
17/04/18 Kate Gardener – Gentle Yoga & Essential Oils for Women
18/04/18 Venus Starlight – Meeting Your Multi Dimensional Self


1/03/18 Elizabeth Walker – The Power of Posture.
2/03/18 Christian Best – Stargate DNA Reset
3/03/18 Daniela Gatita – CORE WORK & SPINE FLEXIBILITY with PILATES & YOGA
4/03/18 Enza Chaffron- Inner child listening: Path to creativity and the daily Magic
5/03/18 Maya Fada – Kristales de Amalur – Prenatal Creativo
6/03/18 Daniel Garcia Salinas – Caldendario Maya Tzolkin
7/03/18 Amèle Younsi – The Art & Science of Homeopathy: an introduction to Nano-Alchemy
8/03/18 Irene Apolo – Aromatherapy salud y bienestar a la vida
9/03/18 Sandra de Vos – Cosmic Dancer
10/03/18 Mark Craddock – Using ancient Japanese defense philosophy as an energy shield
11/03/18 Mandy Venus – Reading the souls vibration and integrating clarity
12/03/18 Pedro Pastor – Pilates meets massage – Discover your hidden muscles
13/03/18 Beatrix – Ayurveda and Tibetan Medicine
14/03/18 Sofia – Ancient Thai Massage: Revive your body
15/03/18 Lydia Laxmi – Exploring Crystal Consciousness & Space Transformation
16/03/18 Dwain Dougan – Medical Qi Gong
17/03/18 Dominika Mayer – Facial Reading, Energy Work and Quantum Healing
18/03/18 Nina Saei – Pranic Healing – the power of intention and faith
19/03/18 Julieta Preguerman – Bioenergetics and Energy Focus
20/03/18 Ilona Pantel-Ayal – Light Language
21/03/18 Elaine Mary Collins – Tarot from the Heart
22/03/18 Simona Thai – Release
23/03/18 Corinna Carrara – The Cosmic Shamanic Art Process
24/03/18 Abi Fox – Empowerment Coach
25/03/18 Francesca Roxanne McHugh – Sacred Geometry Workshop
26/03/18 Belinda Clarke – Emotional Mastery
27/03/18 Ada Magdalena Avetist – AMA Union of art and yoga
28/03/18 Justin Manville – An audience with Justin Manville
29/03/18 Melchior Arnold – Cosmic Anagraphy: Your Birth Numbers Revealed & the Tarot as tool
30/03/18 Louise Cameron – Carte Blanche Body Balance
31/03/18 Ximena Lardiez – Dali Tarot, Guidance, Magic & messages to creating Miracles


1/02/18 Jeremie Quidu – Crystal Bowl Meditation
2/02/18 Trish Whelan – Kundalini Yoga in Honour of Imbolc
3/02/18 Mirella Lopez – Cirurgia Energetica
4/02/18 Doris Eagle Feather Duster – Live, Love, Laugh! Magical Awakening
6/02/18 Lisa Strong – Heal your Gut
7/02/18 Jo Youle – JoGa Beats Spiral Flow
8/02/18 Abi Woodward- Network Spinal Analysis N.S.A
9/02/18 Marion Stone – Healing stress & anxiety with EMOTIONAL HEALING
10/02/18 Leif – Tarot & Oracle A holistic insight
11/02/18 Tino Troska – Ibiza Healing Guide: Branding & Marketing Ibiza’s Healing & Therapy community
12/02/18 Thomas Keller – Música es Medicina
13/02/18 Vicky Godfrey – Food As Thy Medicine
14/02/18 Aleteya Betty – Channelled Dimensional Healing
15/02/18 Sonia – Family Constellation
16/02/18 Kim – Cosmic Flow
17/02/18 Ibango Tribe Live
18/02/18 Lina Sofie – Mayan Astrology
19/02/18 Niru Sai – S.A.C.R.E.D.
20/02/18 Silvia Mariti – Karmic Numerology
21/02/18 Juan Martinez – Theta Healing
22/02/18 Valeriiya Morosova – Quantum Agency
23/02/18 Victoria Taylor – Crystals and holistic therapies for your pet
24/02/18 Rebecca Smith – A mystic and simplistic guide to Astrology
25/02/18 Manuela Lagarda – Vida…….La Chispa divina
26/02/18 Ime Essien – The Beauty of your Inner Movement – We dance who we are and we can live what we dance
27/02/18 Mathieu Iking – Source Healing
28/02/18 Aron Brannigan – A Psychedelic Perspective


10/01 Opening celebration
11/01 Mandy Thorne, Soul Journey
12/01 Chencho Chenzu, Divine Yoga
13/01 Steeve Nyatepe Coo Paradis, Rise Up Ibiza. World Peace
14/01 Val McCall, Intuitive Communication with animals
15/01 Enrique Cuenca Delgado, Make your energy flow
16/01 Mary Lynne Stadler, Tarot Inspired Creativity
17/0 1 Jody Kay, Sound Bath
18/01 Diana Odette Beaulieu, Sacred Women Awakening
19/01 Julieta Preguerman, Sacred Numerology
20/01 Mariella Briceño arte.a.mares, Art with Children
21/01 Alexander Mendeluk, Quantum Healing Hypnosis Therapy
22/01 Sofia, Vinyasa Flow
23/01 The Story Project’s new event ‘Money’
24/01 Gini Scott, Reflexology-Sole to Soul
25/01 Justus Paiwonsky, Using Human Design in a therapeutic setting
26/01 David Poole, Cannabis- Debunking the myths
27/01 DeborhaMcNeil, Spirit Art
28/01 Michelle Anderst, Nature’s Microcosms Through Art
29/01 Gemma Jayne Espejo Degraph, Electro Reiki Ibiza
30/01 Aura Ananda, Naad Yoga free singing
31/01 Madhalsa Mandalas, Mandalas-Weaver of Dreams


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ETAMANEL 15 Calle Marià Villangómez,
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